The Oz Vincent Review (OVR) is a non-commercial, FREE OF CHARGE email distributed magazine for folks with a passion for classic British motorcycles especially Vincents.  And there is NO paid advertising.  A product of my retirement pastime, it is in no way connected to any business, club or association.   Plus there is no team – it is just me.    


OVR is only possible because of the generous contribution of content material by its readers, so I encourage readers to send me items on any related classic British bike subject for inclusion in OVR;  this could be ride reports, humorous or otherwise incidents, details of upcoming rides and/or rallies, technical information, details of their bike(s), product reviews or even reprints of historical material.  Given the electronic format of OVR there is little restriction of the inclusion of photographs and such like.

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Martyn Goodwin, Editor,  Australia